A (Few/Incomplete) Selected Facts in Historical Order




  • March 1997, NANOS EU ESPRIT Long-Term Research Project. Face2Face Meeting, at Univ. Patras, Greece. We were: happy, young, working united, an outstanding team.
  • Left to right: Nacho, Julita Corbalan, Eduard Ayguade, Xavier Martorell, Marc Gonzalez, Jesus Labarta, Hans-Christian Hoppe, Mario Furnari, Maurizio Giordano, Lefteris Polychronopoulos, Dimitris Nikolopoulos, Yannis, Yannis.


  • Co-founder and partner at Goya Servicios Telematicos, SA. February 1991. First commercial Internet provider in Spain. Supported by UUES, Unix Users Group in Spain (Asociación española de usuarios de Unix). Linked to EU-NET, European Unix Network.
  • In February 1990, we had to move from the UUCP-X25 line to Amsterdam founded by Fundesco to a new line from Telefonica. Angel Alvarez had to bring a router from USA to be able to connect.
  • Initial promoters: Pepe Mañas, Angel Alvarez, Imma Pindado (DIT), Juan-Antonio Esteban (Alcatel)
  • We appeared at the spanish magazine PCWORLD January 1995, pp. 140-154: How to connect to Internet in Spain (through Goya).
  • Finally, January 1996, Sema Group buys Goya Servicios Telemáticos in a 200 million pesetas operation.


  • UUES: Unix Users Spain (Asociación Española de Usuarios de Unix), promoted with my colleagues Pepe Mañas, Pedro Sainz, Angel Alvarez, Inma Pindado from DIT-UPM and Juan Antonio Esteban from Alcatel.