I am affiliated to the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and the High Performance Computing research group at the Computer Architecture Department at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC). I am visiting the IMPACT Group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

At academia, we enjoy to advise and collaborate with nice people that we are very lucky to have around or have been close in our research and teaching lifetime. I am very honored to share our interests and time, and thankful to all of them.

Faculty at UPC/BSC

  • Mateo Valero
  • Eduard Ayguade
  • Jesus Labarta
  • Xavier Martorell
  • Rosa Badia
  • Marisa Gil
  • Marc Gonzalez

Researchers at BSC/UPC

I am very proud to server as manager of the
“Accelerators for High Performance” group at BSC.
Group picture in 2012 with Isaac, Javi, Ivan and Marc.

  • Javier Cabezas (Last summer intern at NVIDIA Research)
  • Victor Garcia (Co-advisor: Alex Ramirez)
  • Lluis Vilanova (Co-advisor: Yoav Etsion)
  • Ivan Tanasic (Last summer intern at Samsung, USA)
  • Lluc Alvarez (Advisor: Marc Gonzalez)
  • Branimir Dickov (Co-advisor: Eduard Ayguade)
  • Marc Jorda
  • Diego Marron
  • Pau Farre
  • Lluis Gifre (Co-Advisor: Luis Velasco)

IMPACT Research Group at University of Illinois

Former Senior Researchers at BSC/UPC

  • Alex Ramirez, NVIDIA Research, Former Associate Professor at UPC and Heterogeneous Architectures Group Manager at BSC
  • Isaac Gelado (Postdoc at IMPACT Group, Illinois, actually at NVIDIA Research, Santa Clara, CA)
  • Carlos Villavieja (Postdoc at ECE department at the University of Texas at Austin, with Prof. Yale Patt, now Software/Site Reliability Engineer at Google, NY)
  • Miquel Pericas (JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Matsuoka Lab., actually at Chalmers University, )
  • Yoav Etsion (PostDoc at BSC, actually Faculty at Technion University)
  • Ramon Bertran (Actually at IBM Watson, NY)
  • Ernest Artiaga (Researcher at BSC, actually at Midokura)

Former Student/Team Members

  • Muhammad Shafiq (Centre of Excellence in Science & Advanced Technologies)
  • Julio Merino (Site Reliability Engineer at Google, NY)
  • Jordi Llosa (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)
  • Albert Serra (Hewlett Packard, R&D Section Manager, Barcelona)
  • Jose Oliver (Agencia de competitivitat de la Generalitat, COPCA - Consorci de Promocio Comercial de Catalunya)
  • Bartolome Bennassar (Grupo Iberostar,IT Corporate Director)
  • (work in progress, if you should be here, please contact me)

Former Collaborators that Joined other teams at UPC/BSC

  • Javier Alonso (UPC)
  • Tassadaq Hussain (BSC)
  • Victor Jimenez (BSC)
  • Yolanda Becerra (UPC)
  • Julita Corbalan (UPC)
  • Francesc Guim (UPC)